Android vs Windows Tablets

Tablets are taking over the world. Or at least this is the latest IT excitement that is going on. There are three major competitors out on the market pulling all the ropes, Apple, Google and last but not least Microsoft. Each has its own operating system designed to be the best and overcome the competition. The goal of these companies is to make the most popular tablet out there and, of course, increase as much as possible their revenue.

The Android Tablet PCs are governed by Google’s most recent breakthrough: HoneyComb 3.0. This operating system has especially been optimized to offer the best Android Tablet Pc possible. In the latest battle of Android Vs Windows, Honey has redone from scratch their design and optimized their product, so that almost any tablet out there can come to terms with this operating system and also a whole other range of smart devices that keep being developed.

Google comes into battle with a bunch of new toys. Improved interface, more user friendly and designed to be able to interact to a wide range of devices outside the tablet. Also Google has launched a new service, Android Market, which as the name suggests is designed to allow users to purchase applications that will immediately be installed and ready to use.

On the other hand, Microsoft is not giving up the fight, either. Windows Tablet PC is the thought that Microsoft wants to be on everybody’s mind.

For this purpose, Windows 7 for tablet PCs solves every issue related with office applications.

When it comes to the offensive, Microsoft prepared a counterattack along with other major companies. The Acer gadget has two 14 inch screens. It is neither a tablet nor a laptop, but one of the screens can be used as a virtual keyboard. Samsung has also brought a hybrid gadget – a tablet that can have a keyboard attached. This tablet has 3G and Wimax and storage capacity of 32 or 64 GB.

Asus also decided to run with Windows 7. Their tablet comes equipped with a stylus and an Intel Core i5 processor that assures probably the most powerful processor for tablets on the market. The downside is that, like any other Windows application, it is as unstable as we all have come to know.

Thus the best Android touch tablet PC on the market seems to have a slight advantage but for how long? Technology is developing fast and is anyone’s guess where we are headed.