How to Choose the Best Gaming Mini Laptop

The gaming industry is one of the most demanding and ever-changing industries of them all. That is why the numerous gaming desktop computers and laptops on the market are not enough to supply to the needs of gamers and that is why computer producers have started creating gaming mini laptops. Mini laptops are among the best-selling products, especially for young people and teenagers, and, even though there are still very few mini laptops specifically designed for gaming, if you are looking for a good gaming mini laptop, you will find one without any problem.

If you are looking to buy a gaming mini laptop, you should consider the features that you would look at when buying a normal gaming laptop or desktop computer, with a small exception. The processor, the graphics card and the operating system are still the main features that you will be looking at, but the display, given its restrictive dimensions, is of course less important. The biggest problem is that, given the small dimension of the screen, the performance of a mini laptop will also be restricted and it will be extremely hard for you to find a gaming mini laptop that can be compared to gaming laptops or gaming computers on the market.

There are nevertheless a few great gaming mini laptops on the market from which you can choose if you are looking for this kind of equipment. The number one portable gaming laptop of small dimensions is the Alienware M11X from Dell, a laptop with a display of only 11.6-inch, but that offers many of the features that a gaming laptop of higher dimensions would offer. We are talking about a 1.3 GHz Core 2 Duo Processor and a switchable NVIDIA GT335M GPU graphics card that make the Alienware M11X a pretty credible gaming machine. If you are not a fan of Dell’s work, you can also consider buying the Asus Eee PC Seashell with a 12.1-inch display that comes with an extremely fast processor, great battery life and a good quality-price ratio.

So, are you going to find in a mini laptop that can support your passion, but that could also leave some money in your pocket? Definitely. Are you going to get the same level of power and performance that you would get from a normal laptop or a desktop computer? Probably not.