Cuisinart Slow Cooker

Why Buy a Cuisinart Slow Cooker?

The Cuisinart slow cooker range will provide everything you need from a modern slow cooker, with the added protection of coming from a world renowned brand. The Cuisinart brand has become one of the most famous and respected suppliers of kitchen ware and kitchen appliances both in the U.S. and worldwide. Founded by Carl Sontheimer the brand first made its name in the 70’s with the boom in kitchen products. It led the way with its range of electric food processors which were truly ahead of their time.

Today Cuisinart makes all manner of kitchen electrical appliances from ice cream makers and bread makers to blenders, grinders and coffee makers. Cuisinart also supply quality ranges of kitchenware and cookware as well as just about anything you can imagine for the kitchen.  A truly all round brand.

With Cuisinart you have the customer service and backup you would expect from a big name brand. You will also benefit from a comprehensive and lengthy warranty – 3 years in most cases. Getting anything from help and advice to replacement parts is made easy – Cuisinart slow cooker replacement parts are readily available – with small unknown brands this can often be a problem. Sometimes it really does make sense to buy from reliable and tested manufacturers.

Check out the Cuisinart Slow Cooker Range


Which Cuisinart Slow Cooker?

The Cuisinart slow cooker range is simply split into different sizes so you can choose depending on the volumes of cooking you require. The rest of the features are the same for each size.

Cuisinart Slow Cooker Features

24 hour programmable timers and multi heat settings – low, high, simmer and warm.

All come with a glass lid to enable visual checking without opening and loosing heat.

Retractable electric lead for easy countertop storage.

Full cover warranty.

Easy clean design.

As you would expect from a major brand like Cuisinart, their slow cookers are made from high quality materials and apart from doing their job well they also look good. Have a look at each of the models for yourself by clicking on their names below and read a few of the slow cooker reviews on the Amazon site.

Cuisinart PSC  650 -this slow cooker is the 6.5 quart version …… Read Reviews

Cuisinart PSC  400 -4 quart size …… Read Reviews

Cuisinart PSC  350 -the smallest at 3.5 quart ……. Read Reviews

By the way a US quart is just less than one liter (.95)

Why You Need a Slow Cooker

Slow cooking is not exactly a new technique, in fact it has been around through the ages! The old way was simply to cook the food slowly and at low temperature in a traditional pot or dish. People found that by cooking this way the meat was more tender and even the cheaper cuts tasted better. It was a very popular way of cooking stews and casseroles and would maximize the flavors.

The modern version of course is to use a little technology and make life easy. Modern slow cookers come with programmable timers and their own heat sources. Easy and safe to use, they can be great time savers in today’s busy world. Set up and they will cook dinner for you coming home from work at any set time- they can even keep food warm if you are late!

A Cuisinart slow maker can be a great gift – the perfect wedding or house warming gift idea. A great accompaniment to the barbeque they can be used as a pan outdoors as they are so portable. With their rise in popularity you can now find slow cooker recipe books with many ideas for your next meal. Have a look at the range of Cuisinart slow cookers today  – try one for yourself and see what all the fuss is about!

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