The Garmin Nulink 1695 GPS Review

Garmin Nulink 1695 is one of the few SIM connected pnd Garmin models in the market. This GPS model provides a one stop portable solution for those commuters who depend on their device for Google local search, real time traffic reporting, or up to date information on any issue of interest. EDGE is a fast technology and this is what is used in Garmin 1695 to ensure quick Google searches, fast traffic updates, and a wider bandwidth.

The  most noticeable features of Garmin Nulink 1695 features are Junction view, a live Navteq traffic, lane assist, 5″ widescreen, Bluetooth hands free calling, loud speaker and an Ecoroute to alert you when you over speed. The live connectivity is one of 1695’s best features. The screen is easy to read and the text large enough. There is a button for you to adjust the screen brightness, put the device into the sleep mode or turn it off. The USB port allows you to connect to a computer. When you need to charge the device, one can use the vehicle power cable. In case you need assistance, the help files will provide answers to most of your questions. A wide range of screen colours is provided for you to choose from. Check out our Garmin Nuvi 3790t review or Garmin 1390t .

Garmin 1695 will alert you, by way of an audible chime and a pop up screen icon, as you approach a camera location.  This feature is a lifesaver for road users who are fond of breaking traffic rules. This device provides traffic details like what has caused a delay, the road area affected and the period you are likely to be held up as a result. Its well-designed traffic warnings do not require a lot of driver interaction.

If you are looking for a device that will provide real time traffic updates and efficient Google searches, then a Garmin Nulink 1695 is what you should be getting yourself.