Kodak Pulse Digital Photo Frame

The Kodak Pulse has changed forever my view of digital photo frames. This product is so much more than a photo frame and it has transformed how I handle my digital photos. It looks good, has a great quality screen, its own internal memory and lots of nice features, but its strength comes from how it handles the whole photo management process.

The 512mb internal memory can store up to 4000 photographs, enough for most people’s total collection of digital photos. This can also be added to with a USB stick and 2 SD card slots. Choosing an electronic photo frame with internal memory is definitely the way to go. It is another backup and also gives you somewhere to save photos where you will actually see them – how many photos have you on your PC that you have never looked at?



The Kodak Pulse is Wi-Fi enabled and you connect to your PC through the Kodak website to get set up. The process is great and very simple. You can handle your photos in a number of ways with this device. The frame itself gets an email address – you can use this to send photos to the frame directly from PC, mobile and even Facebook. Share your email and friends can send you photos, it can alert you when new photos are received. As a gift idea this function is great, give it to your mum and send her the latest photos of the grandchildren.

This digital photo frame has a touch screen that works really well and you can access many of the features directly from the screen. You can even swipe the screen to flick through photos a bit like the iPhone. Another useful feature lets you programme the digital picture frame to switch off at certain times, so it’s a bit green too! You can also get a 10” Kodak Pulse frame.

All in all I love this frame – great quality, great features and a great gift idea. The photo management is so easy to use and now you can see your photos instead of hiding them away on your hard drive.
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