Mr Coffee – Value Coffee Makers

The Mr Coffee Brand

You will almost certainly have seen a Mr Coffee coffee making machine somewhere or other – the brand is hugely successful especially in the United States. Mr Coffee are one of the biggest sellers of coffee makers in the world and have been very successful since they introduced the first fully automatic drip coffee machine, back in 1972, which would replace the old percolator method of making coffee.

Now when you consider buying a Mr Coffee coffeemaker, you probably don’t care much about the history of the company or how many units they sold last year – no, you want to know ….are they any good! Well consider the following facts:

Now as most people know, Americans absolutely love their coffee – probably more than most of the worlds nations. They even out-drink the French!

They also love to buy electronic gadgets, big shoppers here in the U.S. – the home of consumerism.

Now if Mr Coffee are best sellers, and have been for decades, in a country that loves coffee and gadgets …. They must be doing something right! Do the Math!


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Mr. Coffee DRX5 4-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker, Black

Mr. Coffee CGX23 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker, Black

Mr. Coffee BVMC-KG1 Single Serve Brewing System, Silver


Why are Mr Coffee so Successful?

They are the true American company – find a market and give it what it needs at a price the masses can afford = win,win. From the days of the Model T Ford this marketing strategy has worked.

Mr Coffee have continued to develop the brand and keep up with innovations. They have moved with the times and have delved into sideways relevant markets without loosing touch with their main business which is still the coffee maker. Look at how they now make a select range of products from coffee grinders to Frappe Makers and all at accessible prices.

Mr Coffee brand items may not be the absolute best quality on the market – that is not what they try or profess to be. They are however, probably the best value for money in the marketplace. For the prices they charge and the good solid quality of their products, very few makers can compete. Don’t just take my word for it – check out Mr Coffee for yourself!

Mr. Coffee BVMC-FM1 20-Ounce Frappe Maker

Go ahead, indulge. These thick, tasty drinks will perk you up, ravish your sweet tooth, and whip your taste buds into a frenzy. They can even be made with decaf for those who prefer the taste without the jitter. A Frappe is really any sort of icy, blended drink. It’s usually made with coffee, but…

New Mr. Coffee Bvmc-Fm1 Frappe Maker Automatically Brews & Blends Create Icy Blended-Coffee Drinks

New FRAPPE MAKER. Automatically brews & blends from a single unit. Allows user to create icy blended-coffee drinks. Finished in 3 min. Simple press of a button.

Mr. Coffee TM70 3-Quart Iced-Tea Maker

Dishwasher safe pitcher. Steeping lever to select your favorite brew strength. Makes great tasting iced tea. Brews tea bags and tea leaves. Water window. Adjustable tea steeping control. Auto shut-off. On/off indicator light removable brew basket.