Portable Printer Choices

A Few Things To Consider When Choosing A Portable Printer.

Portable printers can be a very useful addition to your professional arsenal of technology. They allow access to high quality printing as you travel, whether at conferences, trade fairs or with individual clients. The serious business professional should consider portable laptop printers as essential.
What They Can Do:

Print brochures and product pictures on the road
Print reports during meetings
Print your airline tickets
Presentations on the go
Print out up to date price lists for clients

The possibilities are almost endless. Try to cover all eventualities and buy a mobile printer that will fulfil all of your needs. A few extra dollars spent now will save any further investment in the future so buy a machine that exceeds your needs.

Look carefully at what is included with your printer.

Is a battery included? – some models are supplied without a battery as standard and they can be expensive to purchase – around $50-100

Can you print wirelessly without any further purchase.

Check for the ability to use a car adapter and if it is included.

It’s also wise to check the costs of your printer accessories such as printer cartridges etc.

Size Matters.

Consider the size and weight of the portable printer and compare the different models. If size is an issue do not judge by the pictures as these can be misleading. The exact dimensions and weight is provided in the product descriptions. Choose a small portable printer that can truly be considered a travel printer, small compact and easy to carry.

Print Quality And Performance.

Think about what you will need the printer to do. Is printer speed important, will you be needing large numbers of print-outs – in a hurry. Will you be printing photos – perhaps a dedicated portable photo printer is what you need. Do you need a dedicated wireless portable printer for your laptop, if so ensure the model you choose is fully wireless enabled. Do you require scanning capability, not all mobile printers can be used as a portable scanner.

As with most technology items you often get what you pay for in terms of quality and performance. Carry out some research, read through some of the portable printer reviews to find the best portable printer for your needs.

Portable Printer Top Picks:

Canon Portable Printer

Canon PIXMA iP100 Mobile Photo Printer

Mobile Printer

HP H470wbt Officejet Mobile Printer

BJC-85 Portable Printer

Canon BJC-85 – Printer  color  ink-jet

Canon PIXMA iP100 Portable Printer

Our Top Pick – based on features, quality, value and customer reviews.
The  Canon PIXMA iP100 is a great all round choice for your mobile printing needs. It produces lab quality photo prints and can easily print colour brochures and marketing materials. Ideal for the travelling sales executive.


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HP H470wbt Officejet Mobile Printer

Slightly larger and a little heavier than the Canon iP100, but a worthy competitor in quality and value for money. Blutooth comes built in so no need for extra spend to connect wirelessly. Also comes with built in battery support.

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Canon BJC-85 Color Bubblejet Printer

A slightly older model but a tried and tested, reliable portable printer. The smallest and lightest of the three, can compete on quality and has infrared ability to connect wirelessly. Definitely worth a closer look.


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Don’t forget to use the above links for more detailed information and reviews on each portable printer.

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