The Robotic Nitro Pool Cleaner By Smartpool: A Review

Robotic cleaners have significant advantages over the more commonly seen suction side and pressure side pool cleaners. They offer a far more automated approach to pool cleaning. With suction side and pressure side cleaners you have to install the unit onto your existing pump and filtration systems, while robotic cleaners run completely independently. You won’t have to hassle with any complicated installs or worry that you may be overburdening your existing pool systems. Robotic cleaners are completely integrated units with built-in drive systems, pumps, filters and obstacle sensors.

With all that technology going on you’d be right to wonder about the price tag. And generally speaking, robotic pool cleaners are significantly more expensive than other categories of cleaner. But recent years have seen a number of more affordable units that still offer all that is special about robotic cleaning. One of the most affordable is the Nitro, which we review in more detail below.

The Nitro pool cleaner is designed with state-of-the-art navigation technology. It not only cleans the floor of the pool but also is able to climb your pool walls and clean right up to the scum line. It also features a much wider cleaning swath (or cleaning path) than many other models on the market. This means that it cleans a larger surface area we each sweep, making for a highly efficient clean.

It’s sensitive sensors mean that the robot won’t get caught up behind your pool ladders or stuck in corners. It also doesn’t require bumping into walls to change direction but works in smooth sweeps across your entire pool. It’s extra large filter bag requires less frequent changing than many other robotic units on the market.

The lightweight Nitro uses very little power, making it the perfect choice for owners interested in energy efficiency and environmental responsibility.  You can purchase a Nitro Pool Cleaner for under $600. That’s a great price for a state-of-the-art, completely automatic robotic pool cleaner.

For another entry level robotic pool cleaner check out Blue Pearl Cleaner over at  You can purchase the Blue Pearl for less than $700.