Samsung Laser Printer

Why A Samsung Laser Printer?

There are two questions here – why Samsung – why a laser printer?  Samsung are a good quality long standing company with good support and warranties. When buying any electrical goods it is important to buy from a respected named brand. A named, established brand with a proven track record will minimise the risk of problems in the future especially with help and support and warranty issues.


Samasung Printers for Home or Professional Use


Samsung have also developed a range of laser printers that combine solid quality features, slick designs and really competitive pricing. They also cater to the professional end of the market with a range of office laser printers and multifunction laser printers. All round, Samsung tick many boxes when buying laser printers.


Why A Laser Printer?

Laser printers compete mainly with inkjet printers in the marketplace, both have certain advantages and disadvantages. Laser printers, until recently, were mainly used in offices and by professional users. They are normally faster and costs per page are lower when printing large volumes of work. Laser printers are best suited to large volumes of documents, promotional materials and web printing – in color or monochrome printing. Where they are slightly lacking is with photo printing. They will print decent quality photos, but not as good as the better inkjet printers. If you only print your own photos occasionally then laser photo printing will be fine, if photos are your thing then look at a dedicated inkjet photo printer for the best results.

The cost of buying a laser printer has come down significantly and they can now compete with the inkjets for home and personal / small office use. Even when printing low volumes they can save on printer cartridge costs and people love their speed and reliability. Laser printing is fast becoming a favourite of the home user.


Choose a great looking Samsung Laser Printer, have a look at my top picks.

samsung laser printerSamsung Monochrome Laser Printer (ML-1665) samsung laser printersSamsung Sleek Slim Simple Silent 17 ppm Personal Laser Printer (ML-1630) samsung laser color printerSamsung CLP-315W Color Laser Printer


Samsung Monochrome Laser Printer ML 1665

You simply cannot ignore this laser printer from Samsung. The price is absolutely amazing, but don’t let that be your only reason to buy this model, it really does offer so much in terms of quality. At last an offering to compete with cheap ink jet rivals! Some Samsung laser printer toner units actually cost more than this printer – perhaps this is their motivation for such a competitively priced model. The Samsung ML 1665 is cheap, fast, small and even looks good. If you need a black and white laser printer on a budget this is probably your best pick.


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Samsung ML 1630 Monochrome Laser Printer

A step up from the ML 1665, this printer tries hard to look sleek and exciting as well as get the job done. It is faster than the ML 1665 and probably a little quieter, and it certainly does look good. If looks matter then perhaps the extra cost is worth it to you. Still a great value monochrome laser printer.


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Samsung CLP 315W Color Laser Printer

This Samsung Color Laser Printer caught my eye for several good reasons. The customer reviews both on Amazon and the web, were pretty convincing. The price for this color laser printer is pretty amazing when you consider how much they cost only a few short years ago. Samsung laser printer parts such as toners are reasonably priced compared to some of the other manufacturers, this can save you a lot in the long term. Overall I feel this printer represents great value for money. For me it is either buy the cheap ML 1665 ( cheap but good!) or spend a little extra and go for the color laser printer. Either way Samsung really have got some great offerings.


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