SML390 Karaoke Machine – Singing Machine with Disco Lights

You don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money to get your hands on a great karaoke machine, and sometimes you can find real bargains at affordable prices. If you are new to karaoke or want something simple that the whole family can use then the SML390 karaoke machine is a wonderful choice. This is a straightforward system that comes with one of the greatest identifiable features around – disco lights! While they don’t add to your performance in an audio way, they definitely make things more interesting visually. Keep in mind this system also offers much more in terms of quality sound and good old-fashioned karaoke fun.

The SML390 karaoke machine is the type of machine that you can comfortably set up in the corner of your home entertainment room while bringing it out whenever you want some singing fun. The front loading CDG disc system is extremely easy to use and you have access to all necessary buttons on the front panel. You have the option of connecting this system to your television set which will be more appropriate for large gatherings and parties. Or you can simply have everyone gather around the front panel display so that they can read the lyrics. The digital display is in black and white however, and you might be better off using your color television for larger groups of people. You can also have a lot of fun with a simple set of wireless headphones for private singing too.

In terms of sound, this karaoke machine delivers in all key categories allowing you a certain degree of personalizing should as well. Eventually you can figure out your favorite sound levels for volume, echo effects, and overall balance, while the kids will really get a blast out of the auto-tuning features. While this system only comes with one microphone, you do have the option of plugging in a second which you will have to buy separately. Sometimes retailers packages system in a bundle that includes two microphones and a sample CD as well, so be on the lookout for special deals during Christmas time. You also have the option of plugging in your favorite set of wireless headphones you want to sing quietly by yourself. In the end, you will undoubtedly be happy with the purchase of this quality karaoke player that usually retails for around $100.